Recap and What’s Ahead After Six Weeks

Happy weekend everyone!

Lacking Cents is ten blog posts old, and I figured now was a good time to stop and recap the first 6 weeks, describe some of our experiences, and tell you about what’s ahead.

I launched in February with the blog post “Our Financial Journey in a Nutshell.” This post captured three personal finance rules that I live by: budgeting, goal-setting, and evolving.

I discussed budgeting in depth in “Budgeting 101: Your Expenses Need An Overhaul,” capturing many of the budgeting categories our family tackled, and recommending ways to improve your finances. I talked about the importance […]

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Our Financial Journey in a Nutshell

At some point, we all leave the proverbial nest. When we do we are faced with new realities. Some we are prepared for, and others we are not. While it’s impossible to be ready for everything life throws at you, I believe understanding personal finance is among the first steps young adults should take.  It has benefitted my family immensely and brings with it peace of mind only captured by feeling in control of your own future.

“Where do I begin?”

The problem is we don’t always know where to start. I learned this the hard way in the early years after […]

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