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Lacking Cents is the financial journey of Millennials that learned that lacking money does not have to mean lacking personal finance sense.

When my wife and I were married, we combined our student and auto loan debts into one massive, negative net worth. We discovered that our financial goals were not matching up with reality, and completely changed how we manage our money just in time to welcome our two children into the world. We started investing, paid off $50K of student loans, and changed our whole mindset about personal finance.

Join us for the ride as we discover the importance of budgeting, emergency funds, setting financial goals, and finding big and small ways to save money everyday.

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Personal Capital

Free budgeting tool with helpful retirement and investment tracking.

Personal Capital is a free budgeting tool with helpful retirement and investment tracking. Track all your financial accounts and net worth over time.



Invest for retirement, a future purchase, or simply grow wealth at a low cost.

Betterment offers several investment account options to cover just about anyone’s situation.  No amount is too small to begin investing with Betterment.



Compare student loan refinancing rates for free in just a few minutes.

LendEDU will compare student loan refinance rates for free in just a few minutes.  Checking your rates will not impact your credit.


Credit Sesame

Free credit tracking and monitoring tool to help maintain strong credit.

Credit Sesame is a free credit tracking tool to understand your credit score and reports. No credit card required and signing up does not hurt your credit.


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Why Building Good Credit Is So Important

My parents provided a great life for me and my siblings, but they rarely discussed good financial practices with us (something I want to do often with my kids). However, they did preach one very important thing the moment I turned 18. Building good credit is essential. And they were right.

Good credit lets lenders know that you are reliable and able to pay off your debts. But good credit is worth much more to you than a lower interest rate on a loan. Consider this partial list of times when our credit score has mattered:

  • Renting an apartment – our application […]
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How We Paid Off Over $50K in Student Loans A Decade Early

Ok fellow Millennials.  Let’s talk student loan debt.  I can sense the cringing already.  But hey, you clicked on this article voluntarily…so you must be somewhat okay talking about it.

First let’s throw out some common talking points — some objective and others more subjective.  Student loan debt is crushing young people in the U.S. to the tune of $1.3 TRILLION and about 70% of students graduating with a bachelor’s degree carry some form of student loan debt.  According to Forbes, the average graduate from the class of 2016 has over $37,000 of student loan debt.  These are crisis level figures, especially when […]

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Our Financial Journey in a Nutshell

At some point, we all leave the proverbial nest. When we do we are faced with new realities. Some we are prepared for, and others we are not. While it’s impossible to be ready for everything life throws at you, I believe understanding personal finance is among the first steps young adults should take.  It has benefitted my family immensely and brings with it peace of mind only captured by feeling in control of your own future.

“Where do I begin?”

The problem is we don’t always know where to start. I learned this the hard way in the early years after […]

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