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A compilation of recommendations from Lacking Cents. We only recommend products that we have pre-vetted and believe are high quality. Please note that some of the recommendations include affiliate links. There is no cost to our readers for using them, but Lacking Cents may receive a commission from the company. Read more details in the full disclaimer here.

Budgeting & Building Credit

Learn why our family thinks budgeting and building strong credit should be vital to everyone’s personal finance plans.  Before you do anything else, make a budget and try your best to stick to it to reach your goals.  Excel is a great tool, and there are also terrific online tools available for free that will do all the heavy lifting for you.  Here are some of our favorites.

Personal Capital

Free budgeting tool with helpful retirement and investment tracking.

Personal Capital is a free budgeting tool with helpful retirement and investment tracking.  Track financial accounts and net worth over time. Financial advisors optionally available if desired.



Free account tracking tool with personalized product recommendations.

Mint is a free account tracking tool with personalized product recommendations.  It tracks financial accounts, upcoming bill due dates, and suggests personalized offers for you.


Credit Sesame

Free credit tracking and monitoring tool to help maintain strong credit.

Credit Sesame is a free credit tracking tool to understand the factors contributing to your credit score.  No credit card is required and signing up does not hurt your credit.


Student Loan Refinancing

We love LendEDU because it’s free, quick and easy.  It also connects you with the top student loan refinancers on the market, so you only need to search for rates once.  Lowering your rate or customizing the length of your loan(s) can help you reach your goals and save you money in the process.  Then you can start writing about how you paid off all your student loan debt like we did!


Compare student loan refinancing rates for free in just a few minutes.

LendEDU will compare student loan refinance rates for free in just a few minutes.  Checking your rates will not impact your credit.



It is never too early to start investing, and compound interest will make you glad you started early no matter how small the deposits.  We have both a Roth IRA and taxable investment account with Betterment and absolutely love it for its simplicity and advanced features like tax-loss harvesting, tax-coordinated portfolios, and graphical growth projections of our money over time.


Invest for retirement, a future purchase or simply grow wealth at a low cost.

Betterment offers several investment account options to cover just about anyone’s situation.  No amount is too small to begin investing with Betterment.


Build A Website

Building a website was much easier than I thought, and our web hosting service Bluehost has been amazing and made the process extremely easy. They have an easy WordPress install, great support, and a really good monthly price. Our premium theme, Avada, makes the process even more simple and includes amazing features you see on display throughout this website. Learn how was built here.


Build a website or blog very quickly, inexpensively and reliably.

Bluehost is the top low-cost web hosting service available. Lacking Cents is hosted by Bluehost and has received great customer support. Start your website and start telling your story today!


Avada Theme

The #1 WordPress theme of all-time, with all the tools to make a great site.

Avada theme by ThemeForest is the #1 selling WordPress theme of all-time. It includes amazing built-in designs, intuitive tools, and Fusion Builder so you don’t need to know how to code.


Other Products & Services

I love finding deals and I write about them on Lacking Cents.  Check out all the blog posts from my Saving Cents series here!  Below are some of our favorites.


Free and secure password saving tool that will save you time.

1Password is one of the best password managers on the market. It includes a free option with computer and smartphone syncing.