Repairing Credit History To Avoid Loan Refusals

Our next guest post comes from Dan Miller of with some perspective on credit scores and how to avoid loan refusals. I have stated several times myself how important building good credit is, and Dan dives into ways to fix and maintain good credit.

Dan is from the greater Sydney area, born and raised in Liverpool, Sydney. After high school, he went to the Sydney University where he received his master’s degree in banking and finances. He worked as a payments officer for nearly ten years in banking and international payments in the Australian banking sector. His hobbies […]

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Why Building Good Credit Is So Important

My parents provided a great life for me and my siblings, but they rarely discussed good financial practices with us (something I want to do often with my kids). However, they did preach one very important thing the moment I turned 18. Building good credit is essential. And they were right.

Good credit lets lenders know that you are reliable and able to pay off your debts. But good credit is worth much more to you than a lower interest rate on a loan. Consider this partial list of times when our credit score has mattered:

  • Renting an apartment – our application […]
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