4 Ways Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps Miss the Mark

Since you’re reading a blog about personal finance, there’s a good chance you have heard of Dave Ramsey and maybe even follow some of his financial advice. Much of it is very helpful, simple advice that working adults managing their own finances should know.

If you are not familiar with Dave Ramsey, he hosts a syndicated radio show on personal finance and is the author of several books, including The Total Money Makeover.  The show instills his Christian beliefs and a very very anti-debt message.  In fact, he is so anti-debt that some of his advice misses several basic financial perks that leave individuals better […]

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Budgeting 101: Your Monthly Expenses Need An Overhaul

I was flicking through the channels on my cable TV years ago when I stumbled upon premium movie channels HBO and Showtime. “Cool!” I remember thinking to myself…knowing when I signed up for my Time Warner cable package, I had only signed on for a lower package. “Free premium channels!”

You’re probably not as naïve as I was then. As you may have guessed, this was part of a free trial that later expired…but the premium channels stuck around at their regular monthly prices. My old self did not budget whatsoever, and with autopay set up the increasing cable bill went […]

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Securely Saving Your Passwords for Free

First up is how I protect my personal information online with a password manager. There are a ton of good, secure choices, however they are rarely ever free. But if you have a smart phone and a Dropbox account (free!), I can show you how I securely store my passwords for free across all my family’s mobile devices.  Once you setup and use a password manager, you will wonder how you ever went without one.

Finding the Right Place to Store Passwords

For much longer than I am willing to admit, I used one or two passwords across all my logins. That included […]

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