How to Build A Website Quickly and Inexpensively

Hey there, Lacking Cents reader!  We are about a dozen posts in, and it’s about time I finally document for you how I created this website and blog in case you want to start your own blogging journey.

We have grown to nearly 3,000 Twitter and 1,000 Instagram followers since launching just two months ago, and I believe our growing readership is directly related to the incredible tools that allow me to create and maintain this website.  Our server has been spectacular (never a second of down time!), the theme has been enjoyable to customize, and WordPress is without a […]

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All About the Featured Images On Our Blog

Occasionally I receive compliments on the featured images that I share with each Lacking Cents article.  Some also have questions about them.  Are they yours?  Are you a photographer?  How can I add professional looking photos to my blog posts?

I can’t take all the credit.  While some of the pictures were taken with my own camera, about half of the featured images come from websites that share free high-resolution photos and are licensed for use by anyone.  More on that in a moment, but first a little background about my photos and what I use to touch them up.

My Photos

In a previous life, I really […]

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